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Assemblies are groups of components and or fabrications which are put together using permanent or semi-permanent fitiings and fixings.

From architectural ornaments to 3m spring loaded lids Terracast produces quality precision engineered assemblies used throughout the World by ever more demanding consumers. We supply many of the market leading manufacturers with fully finished assemblies in Brass, Steel, Zinc alloy, Stainless Steel and Thermoplastics.


Once the basic components are complete Terracast can assemble and pack your products in any way that you specify. This greatly reduces the amount of time that your labour force requires to fix your products together, reduces dependancy on inventory control and time managing both processes.


With ISO9001 approved quality standards our aim is to deliver to you a turnkey solution to your ancillary assembly requirments.

Case study

A Spanish customer required advice on developing a prototype into a product that could be retailed for an EU wide market.
The customer had produced their own prototype of a venturi type dryer used to dry small areas of paintwork in an automotive crash repair environment. The USP of their prototype was that their product contained a heater which would vastly accelerate the drying time of paint applied to small areas of repair work on a vehicle thereby saving time and money to the paint shop and vehicle owner.

Terracast produced all the engineering design, regulatory compliance, testing and coordinated the manufacture, packing and logistics of bringing the product to market.

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