Privacy Policy


Terracast is an engineering services and manufacturing supplier who through knowledge and experience of other manufacturing partners here in the U.K and worldwide offer a unique production service to our customers.

Our business is bringing Turn-key engineering and manufacturing solutions to customers who need to benefit from low cost production but who may not have the experience, knowedge, infrastructure or resources to confidently risk on an unproven or distant manufacturing partner.

We achieve this both through a complete range of services as well as manufacturing a wide variety of OEM components, fabrications and assemblies.




Our clients are small and medium sized UK, European and US companies. They benefit from our network in the UK, Europe and elsewhere through which we are able to deliver high quality components at a very competitive price.

Our process is set up in such a way that the client is able to control each phase.

From design and quotation until final delivery.

Once components are in production we can guarantee an agreed delivery time by managing the logistics process from factory gate to your stock.