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Production is at the core of the services that Terracast provides.  It is the essence of what we do and our aim is always to carry it out to the high expectations that our customers have become accustomed to.

Once a design has been turned into a prototype and or sample tested and approved, we can begin the process of turning that original idea into a mass produced item. During the sample production phase our engineers together with our suppliers will have calculated how much material is required for a batch run, they will have agreed lead times on any tooling, made sure that the labour and machinery required is available, agreed the actual sequence of production and most importantly set down the standards needed to comply with our quality requirment and the part's specifications.

Throughout the production process samples are tested randomly to see that they are within tolerances and the 1 in Χ ratio is agreed with the supplier before any line begins.

Our production partners are all ISO9001 certified and located both here in the U.K and abroad. This philosophy of using "The best man for the job" results in important cost and quality benefits to all our customers.

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