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Whether metal, plastic or glass or a combination of all three, Terracast has the experience and expertise to consider any process for the successful manufacture of a given design.

With hundreds of successful projects behind them, Terracast is uniquely positioned to pass on to their customers the quality and cost benefits of this experience.

By thoroughly understanding our customers requirements and combining this with our intimate knowledge of our suppliers' skills we can help our customers fully realise the potential of their proprietary designs.

If what your company needs is; to have your component manufactured & delivered at the lowest possible cost with, the best possible terms and by the best supplier for the job then calling Terracast is an important step in the right direction.





Terracast's strength is definitely in the area of mechanical engineering.

Our customers are looking for custom made components which are built to an exacting standard at a price that is commensurate with the function of the part.

Proof of the success of this aim is that we have been making most of our core products for over a decade.

Core products include: Cast, machined, treated and assembled Steel components; machined Steel and Brass bar; Zinc die-castings up to around 2kg with or without powder coating; Machined Aluminium from billet and bar; Injection molded PP / PE caps and closure; Injection molded PA parts & assemblies.